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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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news. >> dozens of protestors gathered outside the white house for a moment of silence in more thani of the victims in syria waving syrian flags and chanted slogans along with carrying photos of some of the victims. >> demonstrators call on obama administration and internationai community to take action against syria. >> the problem is, the longer president obama takes the act or do something more extremists will come into my country and more people will ruin my countrn and the longer assad and regime in this china have to destroy my country. >> so action needs to be taken now. the death toll in theh to attacks is estimated to grow in the next several days. >> the incident prompted an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. amid the crisisse in egypt hosni mubarak released from jail. a medical helicopter left the jail and took mubarak to a military hospital in cairo. >> it is expected he will be placed under house arrest.
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it is clear that mubarak is free after two years in detention. >> egypt is going through aville transition after ouster offter president morsi last month. >> the edge on virginia where a jury is now deliberating in thei vanessa pham murder trial.. >> julio blanco-garcia is charged with first-degree murdes fort- the stabbing of the on deh 19 years ago. lawyers argue it wasn't premeditated when he did it. >> paul wagner has more. >> the jury went out at 2:45 this afternoon and still at it at this hour. at 4:30 this afternoon they asked to look again at the interrogation video. thete video goes on for about to hours long and closing arguments and prosecution urged the juryuy to take another look and that's apparently what they are doingon during closing arguments this
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afternoon the prosecutor said julio blanco-garcia stabbedo- vanessa pham forga a reason. he says i don't think it was totally candid with the police. we don't know what the reason is. >> and he had two and a half years to get the story straighty >> he had his phone with him that day. why didn't he just call 911 if1f he needed help to go to the hospital? why did he ask vanessa pham to take him. >> he did everything he couldld prosecutors say, to avoid detection. >> common sense tells us thisus individual never wanted to get caught. he did everything in his power to avoid detection with power, purpose, dedication and willful acts. >> he did leave knife. what didn't he leave. >> his daughter. where was the knife?e broken in between the seats under victim.
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>> >> the evidence in this case is overwhelming against julio blanco-garcia. there are fingerprints, dna. he admits in his interrogation with police he was involved that he did it. what's at issue is here is the defense is trying to prove there's no premeditation and instead julio blanco-garcia was high on pcp and freaked out when he stabbed vanessa pham. in the closing argument the defense attorney said there was no evidence she was beaten, robbed or raped. or he said he was hallucinating and he is remorseful.rsef >> he was suffering from a disassociation. >> and misinterpretation of whae was going on. es a threat becauset of the pcp. >> this is who is on trial today. >> julio blanco-garcia. and it
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is the you kind, polite, hard-working, very remorseful, racked with guilt, immense guilt. >> now just before we came outside to go on air, i talked to the commonwealth's attorney. he told me this judge is old school. she may allow this jury to continue to deliberate into the night. >> we will see. will? >> paul, let me ask you, one of the reasons defense is having such a hard time proving garcia was high at the time when we saw the taped confession it was co after the crime so much later. right? >> right. >> it is his word. >> basically, that's what the prosecution is saying. >> you are trying to convince this jury on julio blanco-garcia's own word here and there's no evidence he was high that day. they even showed a video of him going in and out of a store intr the shopping plaza that day wity
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his baby. b as prosecutor pointed out he wasn't walking in a way that indicated that he was high. there's no way to tell whether or not his story is actually truthful. >> so that's the problem for defense here. can they convince this jury thay he was high that day and that's why he stabbed vanessa pham and it wasn't a premeditated crime. >> certainly fascinating. paul wagner, i know will you you stay on top of it for us. >> we move to texas where jurors are deliberating in the trial ol army psychiatrist charged in the fort hood shooting rampage. nadal hasan is representing himself and chose not to make a closing argument statement. >> two people were killed in it the shooting and dozens of others were hurt. hasan faces the death penalty ia convicted. crowds gathered in the northwest today in preparation for the d.c. statehood and st self-determination rally in march. mayor gray was among those in attendance at freedom plaza
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this afternoon and artists putut their thoughts to paper and poster boards they believe will help promote civil rightsmote saturday morning at the d.c. wat memorial. growing outrage over an american-muslim group plan tous march in >> the grouph called the american-muslim political action committee is approved to hold march september 11th billed as million muslim march. >> muslims denounce terrorism.n they say that date iss insensitive to september 11th and their families. rallies are supposed to happen on the national maul, capitol hill, white house and u.s.e supremeho court.. >> as we prepare to mark the the 50th anniversary of theiver march on washington, people actually there are helping us relive that historic day. d >> d.c. native and historymaker darryl hill joined us on fox5 morning news today.
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he was the first african-american to play football for a major universitye in the deep south and was a maryland term. he was on the march in washington in 1963. >> we saw masses of people.sses >> right. on the mall all the way from capitol to lincoln memorial. at the time we didn't realizedi the impact of the speech itself and the impact it would have on nation on certainly it will impacted me andce inspired me in my football season and inspirational until now. >> where were you during the march? >> how about your parents or grandparents. >> share your story with fox5 and send pictures and stories three different ways e-mail and twitter and facebook and we will share your stories in the cominc weeks. much more on news edge. sue what's going on in then weather >> hot and humid today. it is. 91 degrees the high temperature. the warmest day since
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august 1th. >> we have improving news in that department. i will share that with you in a few minutes. lindsey, what are you working on in sports thisorts afternoon. coming up the preseason game saturday is anything but a typical game. confessions of nfl linebacker. shocking allegations of the linebacker. and news edge at 6:00 continu. 
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>> the son of vice president joi biden is back hope after beingce hospitalized in a texas cancer center. >> the delaware attorney generar left the hospital this morning on air force 2 with his father and family members. >> the younger biden underwent a successful procedure but it is not clear what treat was for. >> reverend jesse jackson isd criticizedje for a tweet he wroe in reference to the oklahoma murder case. he tweeted: praying for family of chris lane. the senseless violence is frowned upon and justice system must prevail. three teens are charged with first-degree murder of lane.
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the 22-year-old was shot in the back jogging at 3:00 in the afternoon in a nice neighborhood. one of the suspects told policei they shot lane simply because they were bored. >> some people say jackson's tweet was insincere especially s after his strong reaction to the killing of trayvon martin in this oklahoma case the victim is white. one suspect is white who confessed and faces lesser charges. >> the other two are black facing first-degree murderee charges. we'll be right back.
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welcome.>> a back-to-school surprise for dozens of local children in need. the fairfax county sheriff's office treated 30 homeless children to a shopping spree for clothing and school supplies. each child was teamed up with a sheriff's deputy and given a $325 target gift card to use u
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towards purchases. the day started off with more than a shopping spree.op >> right now wepi want to go bak out to the fairfax countyfair crouse. we understand there is a verdict in the vanessa pham murder trial >> >> julio blanco-garcia charged a with first-degree murder for stabbing vanessa pham to death three years ago. as we have been hearing from reporting from paul wagner and bob berndt at night blanco n admits he did it. we saw it in the confessional video many months after the murder. but he says it wasn't
6:15 pm he claims, and there he is with his attorneys waiting with his s head down waiting for thefor verdict. >> and we just understood. the verdict come in and juliome blanco-garcia i charged with first-degree murder and convicted of first-degree murder. that is the verdict. >> paul wagner and bob bob barnard are working the story st for us. >> this is the big headline breaking out of fairfax. julio blanco-garcia convicted of first-degree murder for stabbing the 19-year-old to death three years ago. in just a moment now we will wil roll when the verdict was read. >> we the jury for welfare of virginia versus julioia blanco-garcia defendant found defendant guilty of vfe first-de murder. are there any motions relating to the ow jury's verdict of gill
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or innocence. >> no. >> no, your honor. >> and they confer with councili >> and again this isth a look inside courtroom live. you can see the defendant theret now a convicted murderer. julio blanco-garcia.lanc back story as you know and as w have been reporting, he was at w the shopping center in fairfaxnt with his little girler and asked vanessa pham for a ride to the hospital. she agreed to do it. >> he claims at some point she took a wrong turn and he freaked out because he was high and stabbed her multiple times. >> the big headline at 6:00 julio blanco-garcia haso- beenga convicted of first-degree murder. live outside the crouse right r now fox5 paul wagner. >> paul? >> i am sorry. we will going to break now. we'll be right back. hñ
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welcome to news edge at 6:00. >> we have had a warm day up to 91 degrees.91 d and the temperature up to 87. good news things will be improving in the temperatureempe department and more importantlily in the humidityhe department as well. >> already we see dewpoints lower than they were yesterday and some cooler temperatures starting to show up to west. a frontal boundary will comel co through later tonight and during the day tomorrow and chase a lot of humidity out of here. >> we have been keeping a close eye on radar for possibility of storms. one or two forming in the northern neck with lightning and downpours moving to southeast at 10 miles an a >> heads up over at the beaches with lightning with this storm approaching milford, delawareelw and probably cape may area going across the delaware bay area with heavy lightning, rains and gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour.. if you know anybody boating
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hopefully, they have seen thatvs moving to the southeast at 10 miles per hour. >> we will keep a shower orhowe storm in the forecast for thefo next several hours and it will be isolated.ted. >> we will watch bands movingovn through in western pennsylvania moving down into the panhandle of maryland. >> that's really breaking up as it hits the drier >> as the front comes throughmes you can't pick them out of the forecast yet. >> no repeat of last night for sure. >> the frontal boundary tomorro slipping through the areabo producing a morning shower. i don't think it will be widespread. >> it keeps pushing to the south. >> look at this. >> a visiter from canada. >> canadian high pressure willgh slip south p of the great lakes bringing a beautiful saturday with lots of sunshine. lower humidity. in fact you will feel the difference tomorrow afternoon an winds come out of north at 10 to 15 miles an hour. for tonight a couple of showers can't be ruled ow around frontrn and maybe isolated thunderstorm.
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72 degrees. changeable thunderstorm andd shower and 85 degrees. when the front comes through skies will brighten up and skies out of the north and refreshing direction bringing us into what we think will be a lovely afternoon. >> here is how things start friday. a few showers possible 75 by in the morning. noon 8. and mostly sunny skies and again, some places north of the district we may only top out in the low 80s tomorrow. t >> the nice drop in humidity. we will feel >> quick look at weekend planner. saturday 74 degrees. sunday looking nice. it will be an award-winning weekend for us for sure. your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast taking temperatures down 91 today to 85 tomorrow feeling better tomorrow night and great night to eat outdoors, grab a table early. fantastic weekend for the
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anniversary. couple chances for thunderstorms tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week but great shape headed into the weekend. that's it for weather. >> let's send it to lindsey for a look at sports. all right. thank you, sue. today redskins continue red preps for preseason game number 3 against bills this saturday. >> mike shanahan hopes to have starters in for 20 plays and lex on grossman and pat weiss play half. and fined $10,000 for apparel violation for wearing the operation t-shirt pregame over the weekend. london fletcher featured in a sports illustrated articleil in the article he revealed he suffered a concussion last preseason and never publiclily disclosed information. fletcher is entering the i 16th season hs e is nfl ironman playing 240 straighttrai regular season games. gam he admitted concussion plagued him deep in the season and admitted to multiple mu concussion through his football
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career when asked about if he was worried about life afterfter football he said sure. followed by this: >> i signed up for this. >> nobody makes he play this game. >> i love to play football. and five, six-years-old.ears and just remember, you know watching games on television.vii just really loved game of football. >> i have been in love with thih game pretty much all my life. it means would i changeha anything, not >> i mean, you know, you pray for the best as far as thes situation down the line. all right. we have to get back to breaking news now, will? >> lindsey, thank you.than as we said a few minutes ago a verdict has come down in the i vanessa pham murder trial julio blanco-garcia has been convicted of first-degree murder.-d we are waiting for paul wagner to join us now. i understand he is there outside the crouse.e >> take it away. awa
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will, around 6:10 this6:10 evening that the jury apparently having finished watching the interrogation for a second timeo sent a note to the judge that they had reached a verdict.hed >> they came out into the courtroom. they then sent that verdict for to theth clerk. the clerk stood up and said we do find that julio blanco-garcia is guilt y-5 first-degree murdee in the killing of vanessa pham. vanessa's mother was sitting int the front row. she had some relatives with her. as many as 6 of vanessa's friends were sitting to her left. there were a few tears. a f we could see relief on vanessana pham mother's face. julio blanco-garcia as he has through this entire trial did nothing. he had no reaction whatsoever. he has been sitting at the defense table staring down the entire time sometimes holding onto defense table. guilty of first-degree murder. julio blanco-garcia guilty of
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killing vanessa pham in june of 2010. this will be a penalty phase top determine if that happensen tonight or perhaps tomorrow and maybe even monday. will? >> paul you have been covering this trial from the start. s any surprise about this verdict? >> the only surprise, i think,n, will, is that the defense put on a very spirited case in which they tried to show the jury there was no motive here other than he wasmo high. high op pcp there was no evidence she was beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted and no aggravating factors. >> their story was he freaked he out because she had taken an wrong turn.wron he wanted to go to the hospital and thought she was going tooing call police and do something perhaps to harm his h >> this is only based on his story. >> so it was maybe a stretch fot this defense to try to convince this jury this was not a
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premeditated em paul wagner we thank you o your coverage. i know the sentencing phase youn said could come any datey now.y >> we appreciate it. >> we will much more on the m verdict coming up at 10:00 when i join sean yancy. you have news edge at 6:00 and news always on and coming your way next on fox5 tmz on tv. take a load off. we'll be right back. be right ba
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> now we know wentworth miller, prison break, is not into putin because he's gay. >> had a film entered in the film festival. invited to come and wrote this letter. it says, as a gay man, i must decline. >> now i get "prison break. >> he was the only guy on the show who wanted stay in the prison. >> that's true! >> madonna, where she's still 20 years old, she has a grill in now. >> wearing a damn grill! >> that's a face, jeepers! >> looks like she got stung by bees or allergic to something. >> lead singer of black keys just finalized his divorce. his wife, it says she gets to


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